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4-week coaching packages designed to help you accelerate your success

Struggling to link your spiritual life to your business?


  • Feeling unmotivated in your work? 

  • Lacking purpose? 

  • Burned out from all the striving?

It’s time to discover your spiritual gifts and zero in on your purpose so that you can harmonize them with your professional path.

Mission and meaning are integral to a thriving business

We help Christian women in business integrate their gifts into their career so they can achieve their goals and live a more fulfilling life. 

Our custom coaching programs provide the guidance, support and frameworks you need to take your business to the next level.

  • We’ll start by identifying your spiritual gifts and management style.
  • Next, we’ll create your personal mission statement and life plan. 

With those foundational pieces in place, we can get down to business.

Get practical tools and resources to build a business that works. 

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Discover and Master your Calling coaching  program.


A 2-part plan to unlock your path to success. 

Before you can truly move forward in your business, you have to build a solid foundation. Whether you’ve been in business for 10 years or you’re just getting started, we have to start with the basics. Work with Coach Leslie to build a rock solid foundation that starts with discovering your calling.  

First we start with:

Foundations (Part 1)

During the first 4 weeks, we’ll dig into your spiritual gifts, leadership personality and management style. You’ll complete a detailed questionnaire each week and receive a comprehensive report of your answers and how to apply them to your life and business. In our last session, we put everything together and develop a plan of action to implement what you’ve learned. Includes 4 one-on-one coaching sessions.


 Then we move on to:

On Mission (Part 2)

After completing the Foundations portion, you’re armed with knowledge and tools to take your next step in mastering your calling. For the next 8 weeks, we’ll work together to create your personal & professional life plan. 

The On Mission program includes a one-year subscription to the Business Made Simple on-demand courses. In that platform, you can easily access the necessary courses, frameworks and playbooks to help you create your personal & professional mission statement and life plan. You also get 4 one-on-one coaching sessions over the course of the 8 week program. 

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Invest in your yourself with business coaching and receive the entrepreneurial know-how you've been craving, a proven framework to grow your business, and your own personal team of faith driven experts to guide you through it.

Bring your vision to life

 When you go from dreaming about a better life to knowing exactly how to make that dream happen by following God's plan for your life, nothing can stop you.

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Ima Garcia



"The sessions were nothing less than AMAZING. I was able to apply what I learned to my business and am experiencing the kind of success I envisioned for myself.

If you’re ready to start building God's Kingdom through your business,

you’re in the right place. 

Use your calling to glorify God. 


As Christian women in business, we look at success through the lens of scripture. Our success isn’t measured by worldly standards. Our gospel view of success is what we do to glorify God and serve others. 

When you understand your purpose is to build God’s kingdom, you gain clarity around how to use your work to glorify God. 

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Private Workshops and Seminars 

Develop, Motivate, and Inspire Greatness For Your Team

Help your team discover and master their calling with a private workshop


When your team is living and working on mission, your business will thrive. 

  • Align your team around a common purpose.
  • Place people in roles where their gifts shine. 
  • Build confidence throughout your organization. 


Corporations, churches and organizations will benefit from a full-day workshop of self-assessments, fun and engaging content, and practical application. Sessions may be conducted in person or virtually with 5 to 25 people. 


What to expect: 

  • Assessments to determine each person’s spiritual gifts, leadership personality and management style. 
  • A life plan and daily planner for all attendees.
  • Valuable, practical content. 
  • A mission-driven organization and productive team members. 


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