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At Shebizness Coaching, We Define Success Through The Lens of Scripture

Success is defined in scripture as any good and meaningful effort we make to serve God, our communities, and the world around us. It is not just about what we do but about how we use every minute of our lives for God's glory and Kingdom mission.  
We help Christian women discover their God given Spiritual gifts and apply them to their work by providing them with an opportunity to both explore their gifts and understand how they can use them to create meaningful change, whether within their current business or through transitioning to something entirely new. 
We offer business coaching, workshops, and online tools and resources to help women discover and apply their spiritual gifts in the marketplace so they can be ministers of God’s love, grace and healing.

As successful entrepreneurs with over 20+ years combined experience, we know the challenges women face when trying to align their faith with their work.  We developed Shebizness because we believe that God has called many of us to be influencers and entrepreneurs by using our creativity in business as our ministry.

By understanding your purpose from a biblical perspective, women can gain clarity in their unique place in life as an influencer for Gods glory and how to actively use their gifts and talents for the growth of God’s Kingdom. We do all of this by coaching new and established Entrepreneurs using a customized framework designed to keep you on mission! The most important way to help women find purpose in their work is to remind them of the Gospel and to focus on the power of the Holy Spirit to enable and empower them. We help women by reminding them that their work is ultimately part of God’s purpose—to bring the Kingdom of God here to earth. Knowing that their work can help serve those purposes if done with the right intentions can be an incredible source of hope and motivation. We encourage women to view their work as a mission and to use their abilities to the best of their potential. 

Through all of our experience, we’ve learned that if you are serious about Pursuing God's will for your life through your work, you can't waste time and money with a DIY approach. You need direct access to an entrepreneur coaching team of women who have lived it, and can help you bring your vision to life. 


Here's how it works:

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Take 15 min. to reflect on the questions in the assessment and receive a comprehensive report with your 3 most dominant Spiritual gifts. Afterwards schedule a coaching session to discuss your results and a plan of action!

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When you invest in yourself with business coaching, you’ll receive the entrepreneurial know-how you've been craving, a proven framework to grow your faith & business, plus your own personal team of experts to guide you through it.

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When you go from dreaming about a better life to knowing exactly how to make that dream happen by following God's plan for your life, nothing can stop you!

Take the Free Spiritual Gifts Assessment

LeAnna Hodge



"I love the Sisterhood bond that was created. It's like they read my mind and knew exactly what I needed in order to move forward in my faith and business."

Meet the Shebizness Coaching Team

Leslie K Williams

Business Made Simple Execution Strategist


I hope to Inspire You!


I specialize in helping you discover and master your calling by helping you align your Spiritual Gifts with your work, so that you can create a sustainable mission and marketing plan to maximize your potential in the marketplace.  I apply my Spiritual Gift of Administration/Leadership to best serve you.

I'm best known for helping Entrepreneurs live out their purpose through Social Entrepreneurship opportunities.

As founder of Shebizness LLC, women entrepreneurs ready to align their spiritual life with their work rely on my proven framework and Gospel centered strategies, to get confident and competent as the CEO of their God centered mission.

I consider myself a serial entrepreneur with a passion for creating and implementing unique business ideas that center around using your Spiritual Gifts to serve in your calling as an entrepreneur. I founded Shebizness in 2017 with my besties Dana and Kiki because we wanted to share with the world how faith, passion and business can be the perfect blend by providing a Gospel centered blueprint for success.⁠

I made my career mark in the music, television, beauty, and entertainment industries as a talent manager, retail store owner, event promoter, and executive producer.

I'm looking forward to helping you Discover & Master your calling!

Kiki Morgain-Brisbon

I hope to Encourage You!


I am best known as "The declutter coach" 

I apply my Spiritual Gift of Service to help you to get out of your head and into your life. I believe success is an inside job that requires you to get to the root of what's blocking your progress. I like to simplify the process and help you clear your mind and heart so that you can accomplish your goals.

My education in fashion design and image consulting kick-started my career and entrepreneurial pursuits in fashion design, fashion show production, motion pictures, TV, and the music industry.

As an image consultant, I always knew image wasn't just on the outside; we have an Inner Image as well, and one doesn't work without the other. The Holy Spirit living on the inside empowers us to make the necessary changes we need to live and walk in our purpose. 

Find out more about how I can help you here.


Dana Lyons

I hope to Motivate You!


They call me “The Negotiator.”

I apply my Spiritual Gift of Prophecy to help you communicate with your audience. I love creating the perfect deal for everyone involved in a transaction. My love of sales led me to become a Realtor with Keller Williams. I also run a non profit that focuses heavily on undeserved communities.

As an Entrepreneur, I maintain a multimillion-dollar government contract with my BFF’s Leslie and Kiki where we serve Active duty and Military Veteran women across the country. 

 My passion is rooted in serving others and my number one goal is to motivate you to play a bigger role in building God's Kingdom.

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