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 Do you feel like something is missing in your life?

Are you having difficulty linking your spiritual life to your work?  You're not alone. It's easy to get caught up in the worlds view of success: wealth, prosperity and a big social media following. 

It's exhausting...  And, if we're being honest here, a fat bank account, accolades and a fancy title aren't truly fulfilling. 

You need a shift.  A new perspective, one that motivates you and gives you a deep sense of purpose and meaning in your daily life, connecting both your spiritual and professional path.

Meaning and purpose abound when you're pursuing God's will for your life.

We're here to help!

  •  Discover and apply your Spiritual Gifts to your work
  • Create a sustainable Life Plan that includes God’s will for you & your business
  • Create a Meaningful Life Mission that keeps you motivated
  • Implement your plan with guidance and support as you walk your path

Your ambition and resilience have gotten you this far, but if you don't feel confident in your Purpose and Called to do your work, that lack of clarity and passion could be holding you back from long term success.

You don't have to travel this road alone.

Here's Where Your Journey Starts

A sustainable mission is easy when aligned with God's purpose for your life. 


You need:

A Spiritual gifts assessment

Know what your God-given gifts are and learn how to align them with your work. Understand what God has called you to do in the marketplace. 

A framework to follow

You're serious about turning your business into your ministry so you need a proven, effective, easy-to-follow system.

Experts to guide you

Women just like you who love God and have built successful Gospel centered businesses, and will keep you on track. 

Take the Free Spiritual Gifts Assessment

Shebizness Coaching is a solution designed just for you.


Welcome to the Shebizness Friend Zone!

We're Kiki, Leslie, and Dana, your new business BFFs.

We help Christian women discover their God given Spiritual gifts and apply them to their work by providing them with an opportunity to both explore their gifts and understand how they can use them to create meaningful change, whether within their current business or through transitioning to something entirely new.

As successful entrepreneurs with over 20+ years combined experience, we know the challenges women face when trying to align their faith with their work. We developed Shebizness because we believe that God has called many of us to be influencers and entrepreneurs by using our creativity in business as our ministry. 

✔ You get a team of faith driven entrepreneurs. Not just one.

✔ Solutions personalized for your needs and goals. 

✔ We have fun! You should enjoy success!

Shebizness is the real-deal game changer that helps you create success through the lens of scripture!

Read The Parable of The Talents (Matthew 25:14-30) Parable of The Talents Explained


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Shebizness Coaching Program

Shebizness Friend Zone Success!

Leanna Hodge



"I love the Sisterhood bond that was created. It's like they read my mind and knew exactly what I needed in order to move forward with my business."

Tanya Mcknight



"Leslie, Dana and Kiki are the true meaning of Women Empowerment. Their coaching will resonate with me forvever."

Ima Garcia



"The sessions were nothing less than AMAZING! I was able to apply what I learned to my business and am experincing the kind of success i envisioned for myself."

Take the Free Spiritual Gifts Assessment

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a faith driven entrepreneur today 

There's no better way to do it, than with your girlfriends by your side.

Shebizness Coaching Program

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Here's how to get started:

Step 1

Take the free Assessment

Take 15 min to reflect on the questions in the assessment and receive a comprehensive report with your 3 most dominant Spiritual Gifts.  Afterwards schedule a coaching session to discuss your results and develop a plan of action.

Step 2

Get business coaching

You’ll finally receive the entrepreneurial know-how you've been missing, a proven framework to grow your faith & business, plus your own personal team of experts to guide you through it. 

Step 3

Bring your vision to life 

When you go from dreaming about a better life, to knowing exactly how to make that dream happen by following God's plan for your life  nothing can stop you. 

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